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• Why invest in property?
• How does a QuantumWarrant Work?
• How is the Property purchased, held and transferred to the Investor?
• Steps in Applying for a Quantum Warrant
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How can my super fund borrow to invest in property?

Super funds in the past were not able to borrow to invest in property, principally because a normal investment property loan can put all the fund’s assets at risk.

A super fund can now invest in property through a Property Warrant, because the warrant provides a ‘limited recourse’ loan to help finance the purchase of the property. This limits your risk to the property itself – your other assets are completely protected.

Many leveraged investments, like margin loans and normal investment property loans, expose all your assets to risk if there’s a default. With Quantum Property Warrants the risk is limited to the value of the property – no matter what happens.


Why invest in property?

The potential benefits of direct property investment – rental income and capital appreciation – are well known to investors. The graph below shows the capital growth of property over the last 16 years.

Past peformance is not an indicator of future returns.


How does a Property Warrant work?

A Property Warrant transaction comprises a property purchase, a loan to help fund it, interest payments on the loan and rental income from the property.The property is purchased and held in trust. Rental income is used to meet property outgoings and part of the loan’s interest payments. You pay any remaining interest.

Warrant Start

Each Year

At 10 Years (maturity)

Property purchased and held by the trustee on the investor’s behalf

Investor is entitled to all rental payments less outgoings (e.g. rates, fees, repairs, interest).

Investor makes the completion payment. The property is transferred to the investor.

Investor makes an initial payment

Investor pays the loan’s interest annually in advance and any principal repayment they wish to make.

Investor can make a completion payment at any time up to maturity date.


How is the Property purchased, held and transferred to the Investor?

The property is held in trust until a completion payment is made, at any time up to the Property Warrant maturity of 10 years. Then the property is transferred to the investor. The property is administered by Quantum for the life of the warrant.


How does the cash flow of a Property Warrant operate?

During the life of a Property Warrant, rental income is used to pay the property’s outgoings, like insurance, repairs and maintenance. The remaining rent offsets interest payments for the next year. Investors pay the balance of the interest. Interest is paid annually in advance.

This general advice has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, needs or financial situation of any individual. Investors should read the product disclosure statement (PDS) before deciding to invest in this product. You should consult your adviser and take into account your own needs, objectives and financial situation before deciding to invest.


Steps in Applying for a QuantumWarrant



Step 1

Investor reads PDS & decides to invest Completes Quote Request Form

Step 2

Accepts quote and returns to Quantum

Step 3

Quantum sends application pack to investor

Step 4

Investor completes application pack and sends cheque for the first amount to Quantum

Step 5

Application approved/ declined



After the end of each quarter (being March, June, September, December), Quantum will provide a set of quarterly reports which will outline the following; Income received, Property expenses (including any fees paid to Quantum), Interest accrued, Loan balance and details of any valuation completed during that quarter.

Quantum will also advise quarterly any aspect of the Property in relation to;
• New rentals
• Adverse market conditions
• Capital costs
• Repairs and maintenance issues

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